Predoi, your «health enhancement town»

Mountain landscapeCome to the top health enhancement town in Alto Adige and spend your vacation in Predoi and Casere at the northern end of Valle Aurina!

Allergy sufferers can stay in the «respiratory health structures», while visits to the Predoi Climatic Gallery and Health Center ensure wellbeing and higher quality of life, especially for asthma sufferers.

In these modern times when daily stress is continuously on the rise, it’s getting more and more important to find relaxation and regeneration amidst uncontaminated nature, nourish your body with fresh, clean air, and acquire the strength you need for tomorrow’s challenges.

A vacation in Predoi in the heart of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park at 1475 m.a.s.l also means recharging the vital forces hidden in each one of us, as the apt saying goes, «Less is More».

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