Sommer / Prettau

Summer in Predoi

CasereSurrounded by the 15 peaks above 3,000 m.a.s.l. in Vedrette di Ries Natural Park, there’s just no room for boredom during a summertime stay in Predoi!

To those who want to go as high as they can, we point to Pizzo Rosso, Monte Fumo or Picco dei Tre Signori. Even the lower mountain passes that link Valle Aurina with Austria on the other side of the border will do, not to mention hiking along the old “Smuggler’s Trails”, where unforgettable vistas are also part of the story.

Many summer dairies open their doors all summer long, inviting you to stop and sample their locally produced specialties on sunny terraces. Mountain bikers and anyone who likes to pedal can also choose from the ample number of trails and tracks available to discover all the variety of the landscape.